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Saturday, January 31, 2004

Attachment Save

I'll give a quick review for some software I just purchased: Attachment Save

There's a free trial, but it's hidden so well on their web site that I just gave up and bought it ($30) since they have a money-back guarantee anyway.

So it does exactly what I want (well, almost; see below).  Whenever an email is moved to a certain folder in Outlook, it saves the attachment to a specified directory.  This will save me hours of saving those stupid CSV files that all of my resellers send me.  (PalmGear has wisened up and has a nice little tool for downloading a CSV that includes all the orders within a certain date range, but Handango and PDAssi still send you the individual ones.)  Now I don't want to hear from Unix weenies about how easy that is to do in Perl/TCL/etc.  I didn't want to mess with my Linux mail server until I fully understand how that control panel my ISP uses interacts with the configuration files.

The only problem I have with it is that it doesn't have enough options for renaming files due to name collision.  So, for example, if you have two attachments called "sales.csv", it will create "sales.csv" and "sales-2.csv".  Not great.  I'd rather have it append a date on the file so I have some idea of what the file is for.  No big deal, though; it was easy enough to write a Perl script to rename them the way I really want. :)

The developer is very responsive; he responded within a few hours of my email asking for that feature.  He said it's planned in a future release a few months away.

So it's good; it saves me lots of time, and I don't have to muck with my mail server (yet).


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