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Saturday, May 09, 2009

No TV...

Well, I failed to post about the rest of my road trip... Whoops.

I'm in San Diego now, finally settling in.

After ordering the basic furniture, I decided to skip the TV for now...  I think that technology is getting to a point where it's not really necessary.  The shows that I do watch on TV (House, Simpsons) are available on hulu.com for free or iTunes for a small charge.  I can't find American Idol anywhere legitimate, but it can be had from P2P networks if you're willing to deal with a delay.  Much of the Tour de France can be viewed online as well.  That's about all I care to watch.

I can still watch movies on my PC or Mac, and iTunes makes it really easy to buy/rent a movie and watch it right away.

I have found that I don't miss watching TV at all, and I've drastically cut down on the mind-numbing habit of staring at the tube whenever I have a few minutes lacking in entertainment.  I think this could work just fine for me.


Larry said...

Me thinks Tim has forgotten his blog! Guess life has gotten busier ;)

Larry said...

Maybe giving up TV - meant BLOG screen too ?