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Friday, February 03, 2006

The Best Mojitos

It's often hard to find fresh mint on St. Croix.  The fresh herb section in the supermarket is often lacking.  Some of the restaurants here grow their own herbs because of this.

However, mint seems to be available in abundance recently.  We picked some up at Plaza Extra and experimented with mojito recipes until finding just the right combination!  The key to a good mojito, we learned, is to use a pestle to grind the mint and lime wedge on the bottom of the glass.  The mango rum is just sweet enough (but not too sweet) so you don't need to add simple sugar like other recipes call for, and has just enough fruity flavor so you don't need lemon juice.  Here is the recipe, for your enjoyment.

4 fresh mint leaves
2oz Cruzan Mango rum
4oz soda water
1 lime wedge, plus 1 for garnish (optional)
1 sugar cane stick (optional)

Squeeze 1 lime wedge into a cocktail glass.  Using a pestle, muddle the mint and lime wedge in the bottom of the glass.  The mint leaves should be well bruised, but not broken into little pieces (which get in your teeth, etc.)  Add the rum and soda water.  Garnish with another lime wedge and sugar cane stick or sprig of mint leaves (optional).

If you make a second (or third... or fourth), re-use the same glass with the left-over mint (and optionally the lime).  They'll get better each time!

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